James De Loye was born in Los Angeles, California on January 12, 1949. Due to the untimely death of his parents, he was raised by his Aunt from the time he was 8 years old. James grew up in a Chicano Barrio in East Los Angeles where he made many friends. Though hard times had come to him at an early age, he managed to endure and keep on moving forward. It was important to him to make people laugh and usually he succeeded and paid the price of discipline at school. It was very hard for him at the time to take school seriously. He commented to a friend once that school just didn’t feel like the real world. James and his Aunt moved several times to different houses in East Los Angeles. Once they moved to San Francisco for three months. James was 11 at that time. While there he painted his first two paintings in oil. After that he knew what he wanted to do. After an unpleasant family altercation, they moved back to East Los Angeles.

“However we may look at it, Life is a precious possession that we should respect, cling to, and share. No matter how hard the wind blows or how dark the night may be there will come a dawn, and we need to be alive to see it.”-James De Loye

James resides in Southern California with Star his wife of 47 Years, and Sebastian their youngest son. Travel has been an inspiration to James ever since his tour of Europe and England in 1969. The family travels often. Starlee their only daughter and husband Tony live in the Marshall Islands. Jordan their oldest son, also an artist in his own right, lives in Southern California with wife Sara, Baby Drew, and Jacqueline. James realized in the early part of his career as an Artist that for him to continue painting he would have to satisfy the diverse taste of those who love art, and also be somewhat of an entrepreneur.

Schools Attended

 Humphreys Avenue Elementary
D.W. Griffith Jr. High School
Garfield High School
Otis Art Institute
Cerritos College
University Of San Diego

Exhibitions and Galleries

 Nationwide Exhibition, hosted by Otis Art Institute
Betty Willis Interiors- Arcadia, CA
The Huntington Gallery- Arcadia CA
The Firehouse Gallery- Pasadena CA
Bob Bailey the Son Gallery- Old Town Pasadena, CA
Hadasseh Garden of Art- Pasadena CA
The Poulsen Gallery- Pasadena CA
Peter Lang Showroom, Pacific Design Center- West Hollywood, CA
Guy Chaddok and Company- San Francisco CA Dallas Tx
Ira Roberts Gallery- Beverly Hills,CA
Dyansen Gallery Beverly Hills and Boston, MA
Edelman Fine Arts LTD.- New York, New York and Nationwide Associates

Personal Tutoring In

David Ramirez: Life drawing, Theoretical analysis of light and dark
Jon Dolfi: Design Composition, Watercolor and oil
Watson Cross: Portraits, and studies in techniques of Cezanne
Vincent Farrell: Cezanne’s composition, Traditional subjects, Color Theory