“However we may look at it, Life is a precious possession that we should respect, cling to, and share. No matter how hard the wind blows or how dark the night may be there will come a dawn, and we need to be alive to see it.”-James De Loye

In his early life James passed through a world of loss. His mother died of childbirth complications when he was born. His grandmother who cared for him died when he was five years old.  His beloved father died when James was 8 years old. After which his aunt raised him in a Chicano Barrio in East Los Angeles, California where he made many friends. His trust in almighty God, our Creator, and his promises have sustained him until now. James De Loye was born in 1949. At age twelve he was already experimenting with oil paint on canvas. At age fifteen he received a Scholarship to Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. At age twenty his art work was admitted to a gallery in Pasadena, California. Soon, his paintings started showing up in several other galleries in nearby cities. He found ways to support himself during the up and down turns of an artist’s life. With the passing of some years his oil paintings were selling in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Boston, New York ,  Nationally, and in Europe.

Life changed positively for James when he fell in love with Star, a young girl from Whittier California. James and Star have been happily married for over 47 years, now living in Oregon, USA. They have three amazing Children and several Grand Children who are also very artistic and musically talented.

In the midst of business and family life he decided to simplify into a patron supported and public media platform that now exists.  

James and Star from Artist’s Day at Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach

James DeLoye About

The following list outlines the early life of an artist growing in his craft: Personal Tutors, and some Galleries in this history.

Schools Attended

 Humphreys Avenue Elementary
D.W. Griffith Jr. High School
Garfield High School
Otis Art Institute
Cerritos College
University Of San Diego

Personal Tutoring By

My Father: Burris DeLoye
David Ramirez: Life drawing, Theoretical analysis of light and dark
Jon Dolfi: Design Composition, Watercolor and oil
Watson Cross: Portraits, and studies in techniques of Cezanne
Vincent Farrell: Cezanne’s composition, Traditional subjects, Color Theory

Exhibitions and Galleries

 Nationwide Exhibition, hosted by Otis Art Institute
Betty Willis Interiors- Arcadia, CA
The Huntington Gallery- Arcadia CA
The Firehouse Gallery- Pasadena CA
Bob Bailey the Son Gallery- Old Town Pasadena, CA
Hadasseh Garden of Art- Pasadena CA
The Poulsen Gallery- Pasadena CA
Peter Lang Showroom, Pacific Design Center- West Hollywood, CA
Guy Chaddok and Company- San Francisco CA Dallas Tx
Ira Roberts Gallery- Beverly Hills,CA
Dyansen Gallery Beverly Hills and Boston, MA
Edelman Fine Arts LTD.- New York, New York and Nationwide Associates

Published Article, 1973

Attending Otis Art Institute