JDL Poetry
© Copyright by James DeLoye 2018 All Rights Reserved


Solemn secrets long suppressed
Mirrored windows now undressed
Visions loved and firm caressed
Die in silence at the crest
Truth be known then for it’s best
No hidden mask or role then pressed
To stand the light and build a nest
Dare the strong bare pass the test

Poem For the Resurrected Man

When I was a child
I had a face that smiled and lighted each bright new day
But the older I grew
The more I knew this face would be gone someday
And now in an ageless boundless tomb
This face that smiled and lighted each day
Has withered and turned to clay
And here I stand, a new man


Where no man’s hand has touched
No tender heart is crushed
Where rivers feed the tree
Where fools are welcomed as they be
Where love was first begotten
Where time was long forgotten
There I am somewhere

The dew’s my only chalice
Where I rest in sunshine palace
The dove does heal the heart
Where no man can ever chart
Where stars are like the sand
Where only GOD can understand
There I am somewhere

I long to take my rest
No tears are masked by jest
Where patience waited long
Where in the night I sing my song
Now I know it
Is a place I see
Where fools are loved with open arms
and welcomed as they be
There I am somewhere

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